My life experiences have all been centered around and grounded by interactions with people. Whenever help or counsel was needed, my instincts have always been to respond.  A lifetime of this perspective and intuition have led me to my current goal of wanting to serve others as they journey through the end of their lives with compassion, understanding, acute listening skills and empathy.

I have degrees in Paralegal studies and Music Education.  While working as a Paralegal, I developed a specialty and keen interest in estate planning.   My interest in music has given me the opportunity to play in a variety of different community orchestras and I have come to realize the importance of music in life.  As a young adult I volunteered in assisted living facilities  bringing music programs to the residents. It was through this experience that I first came to realize I enjoyed working in this environment.

In 2005, while raising my two children, I started an independent care provider service for seniors and have worked in this field for the past 15 years, which included all of the required day-to-day tasks.   I completed my Hospice Training during this time, which proved to be an invaluable skill for the population that I was working with.

One year ago, I was introduced to the role of an End of Life Doula. I instantly felt that this calling would fill in many of the gaps that I had observed in caring for seniors and made me aware of the importance of options and choices for people at this stage in their lives.  I enrolled in the UVM Medical Center’s End of Life Doula program where I received my certification in 2019.

As an advocate for a healthy lifestyle, Vermont has provided me with an environment to pursue my personal interests in music, yoga, meditation, hiking, nordic skiing and the culinary arts.

I am honored to be able to be in the role of guiding people in creating meaningful experiences at the end of life.