A quiet presence, in full support of the wishes of the dying. We honor their wishes, and so, we honor them in their journey. With confidence that they know what’s best for them. We are steady and sturdy like a rock, compassionately present. Lean on us.

Inspired by Ram Dass.

End of Life Doulas strive to make the dying process as peace-filled and beautiful as possible. We get to know the dying person and their family, provide an environment that honors their wishes and fulfills their end of life needs, and can make the last days and hours comfortable, peaceful, and richly meaningful.

Role of a death doula for the client:

  • Discover a client’s wishes and provide emotional support.
  • Work through a client’s fears while honoring and holding sacred space.
  • Vigil planning and sitting according to client’s wishes.

Role of a death doula for the client’s family, loved ones and caregivers:

  • Provide respite for family or caregiver.
  • Provide comfort in knowing their loved one is being emotionally supported.
  • Provide a continued presence, when requested, during the initial grief and bereavement phase.

Role of Doula in patient care team:

Doulas work in harmony with palliative care and hospice services, but are non-medical practitioners.

Listen to Julie Kaye talking about end of life doulas with Carl Etnier of WGDR.

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